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A God-centred Long Distance Relationship

A God-centred Long Distance Relationship

Thanks to modern technologies, maintaining a long-distance relationship has become a little bit easier than it was years ago. Couples can now see each other in real-time, anytime of the day through video-chatting. Sending gifts and other sweet nothings is no longer a problem too because of the next-day door-to-door delivery services available. One can also send fresh flowers from across the world by simply placing an order online. True enough; with all the things available at our disposal, it is quite difficult to imagine why many long-distance relationships still fail.

Many would agree that it’s probably the distance itself. It is in their longing for the physical presence of their partner that they start see the distance as a problem. Some people love to cuddle and to many, cuddling is only possible if your partner is physically present. However, there are others who would contend that cuddling is still possible even when apart. To most women especially, enough time and attention would suffice and compensate for the actual physical absence. In cases as such, we are still pushed into a corner and ask: So, why would a long-distance relationship fail if all these elements are already present? I dare say, that it is because some couples have forgotten the most vital element not just in long-distance relationships, but in all kinds of relationships – to put God at the centre of it.

I know this does not appeal to those who do not really give much value to how important God is in all our dealings. But to those who know and understand how great God is, then this contention can easily make sense.

The easiest way to understand this point is to look at God and consider what He is. If he is God, then it follows that He is omnipotent and very powerful – now, who wouldn’t want a support system like that? If we bank on our friends and ask for their help to keep watch of our partner who is far away, then I don’t see the point why we can’t ask God to do the same.

Now let’s go to the more profound part. If God is the centre of the relationship, then each party will eventually seek to please God. And what are the things that please God? We all know it from the very start, it has always been bound in our hearts. We know that He does not tolerate cheating; He does not rejoice in quarrels and in senseless arguments; He designed us to be patient and understanding. Just imagine if you and your partner strive to please God, in the process, both of you will also do your best to not hurt your partner.

Here are some things you can do to make God the centre of your relationship:

1. Share songs and inspirational videos when you chat. You can then ask each other about their insight about what you have just seen. This can better facilitate a healthy discussion about one’s faith and beliefs.

2. Find time to pray together. Even when you are apart, you can still pray together. You can do this during a video chat or during phone calls. By praying together, it means that both parties have to pray. To make it easier, especially if you are not so used to group praying yet, you may do a “popcorn prayer”. You can start with your prayers, about anything and everything; then you pass on the ball to your partner and he/she will also pray about anything and everything. When he/she is done, you start praying for other things as well. Continue with the process until you have exhausted everything in your mind.

Of course, there are so many other things that you can do to pursue a God-centred relationship. Feel free to leave a few lines below to share your thoughts.