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Basic Online Dating Etiquette

Basic Online Dating Etiquette

It took you so much energy to get over your hesitations and finally try online dating yourself. You spent a lot of time choosing the best picture to put in your profile and you brainstormed so hard just to make that perfect spiel. And, you finally nailed it! You now have your first online date. So, now what should you do? I say, you read through this article and not waste your precious chance.

Use Some Basic Etiquette

1. Be online on time. Keep in mind that punctuality is a major issue especially when it comes to dating, whether be it in the real world or in the virtual world. For some people, being late is a major turn off. If you don’t want to send the message to your date that you are not that interested in chatting with them, then be on time.

Be online at least 10 minutes before the scheduled “date”. If you can’t make it on time, then be sure to inform your date about your whereabouts. If possible, inform them about your impediment hours before the scheduled date. Failure to do this would possibly make you lose your chance to date the person in real life. You would give them the impression that time is not that important to you; if you can’t make it a virtual date, how much when it comes to real dates where you have to be physically present? Think about it.

2. Check your microphone and your speakers. You need to realize that an online date experience wouldn’t be as fulfilling without a video chat. Your date might also expect the same from you, so you better be sure that your microphone and your speakers are perfectly working. Run a check prior to your scheduled date. If you are using Skype, you can do this by simply calling the default sound check hotline of Skype. If you are using another service, try to call a friend and ask them to assess the quality of your microphone. Have them talk to you too so that you can check if your speakers are working fine.

If you don’t have a working microphone or a speaker, invest on some. These two are not only useful for video chatting. You can also use them for some other multimedia purposes so it is imperative that you have them wired into your computer. You will also give the impression to your date that you don’t give much value to the chance of actually hearing them talk. It is important that you send the message that you are interested to hear them so that you can get to know them more.

3. Check your webcam. We are in an era when video chatting is also a vital part of communication; and of course, without a quality webcam, it will only be futile. If you have enough budget, invest on HD webcams. Apart from giving you a superb video chatting experience, such cameras will also enable you to record and make quality videos which you can share to your friends across the world.

Make sure that you follow these three simple things or else you might be in great danger. Of course, some people don’t care about etiquette, but to those who do, you will be in a real good position if you will just do what’s listed above.