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Beware of Scammers

Beware of Scammers

Online dating has been rampant nowadays. It is a growing industry because people are getting really hooked to it. Thousands of dollars are involved in this kind of business, that’s why online dating sites and social networks have flourished so quickly.

Aside from the online dating sites that are getting more and more money in the nature of their business, scammers also grew in number so fast. Because there are lots of people who are longing for romance and relationships, scam artists have found a way to lure these men and women in order for them to get money or any form of interest that they want to acquire.  It is very easy for them to deceive those people who are unsuspicious, simply because these people are looking forward to having a good relationship with others through the internet and even pursue it in person.

Scammers are very smart individuals. They can get you be into them right away because they know how to make baits for you to really get hooked. So if you are fan of online dating, you should be aware of some facts that could warn you about these fierce scammers.

Scam artists have common techniques. These are the following.

  • Doubtful or Fake Photos

If you think that the photo is too good to be true, and you doubt its appearance, then, better trust your instincts. Scammers cannot reveal their physique to avoid getting caught, so they are using other photos from the internet or scanning photographs from magazines.

  • Asking Money

In most scammers, money is the primary reason why they are doing the crime. To solicit money from their victims is the main thing why they hold on for so long, even months, in communicating through e-mails and instant messaging. They have to build good rapport to their potential victim so they can withdraw money from them.

  • Scarce Information or Unwillingness to Disclose

Scammers cannot reveal themselves, or else it will be the end of their business that is why they are very unwilling to disclose things about themselves. If they are put in a situation that they should give out information, they tend to make up stories. If you doubt the information given by the person you have known online, better cut off your relationship with him or her.

  • Communicates through E-mail

Scam artists prefer to communicate with their victim offline. This is to prevent online dating sites from knowing their act. Through e-mail, they are able to hide themselves from the public. They can hardly be traced if they communicate offline. So if the other party you have known through online asks for your e-mail and persistently sends you message through it only, then, beware.

  • Initiating the First Move or Contact

Scammers know that you are longing for someone to talk to. They can sense what you exactly want through your profile. So they usually make the first move and act as the one you have been dreaming for so long.

  • Very Sad Stories or Background

Stories that are full of emotions can be a trap. Scam artists use this technique very well. They make up sad stories or they may have very pitiful background so they can lure their victim. They may say that a family member is rushed to the hospital, it’s an emergency, so they need money as soon as possible or the life of the patient will be at stake. Or, it can be that they were fired from a job, and bills are overlapping, so they solicit money from you as debt, and many more pitiful situations that can hook you up. Do not fall for this trap. If scammers are smart, be more intelligent. Keep your money away from strangers, or let’s say that you know them already because you have been communicating for awhile, but still they are strangers because you don’t really know them.

  • Insufficient Profile

Scammers cannot fully give out information to online dating sites. That’s why there is insufficiency in their profile.

  • Beginners in the Online Dating Site

Scam artists pose as beginners in online dating sites to avoid being traced. They tend to be novice in the way online dating works, but in reality, they are the experts.

Now that you already have an insight of how scammers work, I hope you will be more on guard when you indulge in online dating. This modern way of dating is not bad; in fact, it broadens our way of getting to know other people. But like any other situation, scammers take advantage of what is trending. So if you are a fan of online dating, BEWARE!