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Finding a Date in Australia

Finding a Date in Australia

Finding the right date in Australia is mostly dependent on the place where you came from. Singles from the city and from the country side have their own rituals when it come to selecting their mate. So, you can either be confronted by a super down-to-eart prospect date to an exceedingly arrogant person with extremely ugly attitudes.

Aussie Girls

If you are up for sex, Australian ladies can very perfect for you. Religion has very little influence on them and they are quite very liberal when it comes to casual sex. The only things that would inhibit them to have sex with you, apart from the fact that you are downright not their type, would be unplanned pregnancy, possibility of acquiring STDs and having their nude photos uploaded on some random porn site by their nasty boyfriend or sex buddy.

Well, there is no doubt that Australia is home to many beauties — Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins for example. But of course, we all know how bed politics work. Beautiful women do not just randomly pick a man from nowhere. They will be picky and choosy. If you are not that handsome, you might as well accept the fact that you will not be picked at all. But you can still try your luck. YOu might meet an Aussie lady who fancies a foreigner with a squeky accent. But then again, that will be extremely rare.

You can resort to drastic measures though. You can use alcohol! If you don’t know yet, Aussie ladies enjoy drinking and this is in fact a ballooning problem in Australia. Both teenagers and adults love to drink and we all know what happens when one gets a little too drunk. But this should be a good thing for you since it will also increase your chance of getting laid with a pretty Aussie. Well, you just have to accept that after the passionate sex, your partner will most likely not remember your name or what you did, that’s if you still catch them when you wake up.

But really, even the powers of alcohol will not help you that much. Travellers ofter just hookup with each other. But you can really expect genuine friendliness from Aussie ladies. You might not have the chance to hook up with them, but at least, you became good friends. That should be enough right? Most especially if you are after a long term relationship and you intend to court the lady.

Aussie Men

AUssie males are the traditional males: a lot of sports, beer and sex. They prefer to have casual sex than start a serious relationship but once they fall in love, they are loyal and would easily avoid hanging out in pubs and clubs just to be with their girl.

But it should be noted that there is a big gap between an AUssie male from the city and that from the country area. Competition is quite high in the cities, so men try to get ahead of every body else by dressing up and driving the latest sports car (even if it burries them in debt). If you don’t like that kind of male, you can opt for the country ones. They dress more practically and don’t mind driving a 4WD. They also have their own dogs.



AUstralia has a very good attitude towards the LGBTQQs, especially in the big cities. Sydney even has an entire street dedicated to the gay culture called the Oxford Street. Major cities also have gay bars, pubs and other establishments that cater to LGBTQQs.


However, the attitude towards the gays is quite different in the country side. Men exhibit this unusual hatred for gays, especially those who try to make advances on them. You will most likely get harsh comments if you insist on doing what you do.