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How to Create an Online Dating Profile

How to Create an Online Dating Profile

Let’s say you are from Australia and you are looking for something that can somehow, you know, spice up you life. Or maybe what you need is not something but someone. I’ve heard there are a lot of dating sites in Australia and we’ve already heard a lot of stories where people found their other half on an internet dating site. So if you are looking for someone who can be your date in a one-time event or someone who can be your lifetime partner then maybe you need to start looking for an online dating site so you can find what you are looking for.

Once you have already chosen your online dating website, of course you will have to sign up and create a profile just like what we to when we setup our Facebook or MySpace account. And since we are the one looking for a companion we should always make sure that whoever looks at our profile will have a good impression so it must be memorable and eye-catching. This article will provide you some guidelines on how to create a good online dating profile.


Choose an eye-catching screen name. Your name should be something that when people see it they will have this “I want to know this person” feeling — something that will definitely catch their eye. Your profile name should also be something that will tell people about who and what you are, something that will show them a glimpse of your personality without even looking at your profile details. Don’t be too mysterious, not unless you want to catch the attention of specific kind of people.

After choosing your profile name, of course, you need to put a face on it. So your next step is to choose a profile picture or avatar. Your must use a well-cropped ‘head and shoulders’ shot for your avatar. Your action shots and group shots must be reserved for the additional albums. Don’t forget to smile on you primary picture.

On the body of your profile, you should reveal all your interests. Stop listing out adjectives and try to be more specific on it. Instead of writing that you are a good singer, talk about how you placed in the last singing contest you’ve had. Those details will set you apart from other people and build interest with those who have similar values, characteristics, and hobbies.

Sell yourself. Boast off your talents and brag about your best qualities. If you are a funny person, try to write a humorous profile; if you are intelligent, write a more thoughtful one. Your online dating profile is part of your marketing, and always remembers that YOU are the product so advertise properly.

Honesty is the best policy. Sounds like a cliché but it is very important to always remember this. Your objective is to attract potential partners and eventually meet them personally, so if your profile talks about a lot of things that are from being you, then the next part of the process will be very complicated.

Show your confidence and give out all your positive energy. Talk about all the happy things that you can think of and talk about all things that a partner can do to make you happy.

Close up with something that will always be remembered. Describe how you’d like your first date to be or talk about what specific kind of partner you are looking for. Lastly, invite attracted users to email you or initiate a chat session. Don’t forget to leave your email address and/or contact number.