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How to Keep Your Man Now that You Have Gone Offline?

It’s an incontestable fact: ladies who show off cleavages in their profile picture get more “attention” that those who don’t. True enough, those who pout or bite their lips and wear sexy bikini tops get more audience than those who try to keep it simple and modest. But what is the catch?

Women should understand that the kind of personality that they project online also draws to them men who like that kind of personality. So, if you send out an image that you are an “easy girl”, then you will most likely get the attention of men who are drawn to such women. This may not be always true but to in general, these are also the type of men who do not take relationships seriously. They would jump from one woman to another, preying on those who can be easily caught.

If you are really decided to look for the right man through online dating sites, keep your profile as modest as possible. Men usually crave for something which they cannot easily get and this extends to the kind of woman that they would take seriously. So, instead of pouting your lips, try to just smile. Instead of trying so hard to attract men using your boobs, attract them through your face value.

Of course, when you will do this, you will definitely end up with less interaction with the males who use the same online dating site as you do. But this should not worry you because there is a high chance that those who would try to contact you is not after plain sex or flirting, but are really interested in knowing you more.

Keep your options open. Entertain as many men as you like, but treat them as friends. You can go out with them but make sure that you do that in public places. Get to know them more until you become certain as to which man interests you more than the rest. Once you have decided on this, you can start dating the person exclusively. But don’t do this if the person is not ready to do the same.

Always keep in mind that your top priority is your security. Thus, if the person is not willing to give you enough assurance, you are also not obliged to give him any form of assurance as well. You have to make this clear to him too. He should understand and realize that you have other options apart from him. Such a situation gives your man more incentive to keep you. Like what has been said, men like to do the chasing. If you do the chasing yourself, you are most likely to lose your man because they will feel that they have already won you.

You should understand that the very moment that you make yourself vulnerable to a man by making them feel that you love them so much that there is not chance that they will lose you, you are also making yourself vulnerable to possible heartaches. When you man feels that you are so in love with them, they will begin to miss the part where they have to do the chasing. Again, it is men’s nature to desire competition. So if you make it too obvious that he does not have to compete to have you in his life, he might eventually lose interest in you and become interested to someone else, someone who gives him the excitement of chasing.

But this does not mean that you should not reciprocate to the affection given to you by your partner. You also need to be affectionate because men also desire being needed. Just don’t bring yourself to a point where you become too easy to keep for them.