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Making Her Respond to Your First Email

Your first email is your way of making a girl curious enough to look at your profile and find out for herself if you can make her interested of you. It is your profile that will make you “marketable” to her, not your first email. Do not attempt to sell yourself by writing overly long (though seemingly witty) emails; oftentimes, these emails only bore or scare your recipient.

If you feel that your profile lacks the substance that it needs to catch someone’s interest, then improve it first before you start sending emails to your prospective dates. Always remember that your email should only serve as bait since your profile is still your fishing rod. If you don’t know how to use your fishing rod to catch, then you’ll never catch any no matter how fancy your bait is.


What to Include in your First Email?

Keep your first email brief — about two to three sentences are enough. Knowing that this short introductory message can have a very huge effect in your success or failure in the dating arena, always give your email a good, hard look before sending. Here’s a 3-point list of the things that should be included in your first email:

1. Proof of your interest

Girls generally respond well to emails that include something about the things that they have mentioned in their profiles. Mentioning things that prove you have actually read their profile will set you apart from those guys who simply spam the same email to all the attractive girls they’ve found. Of course, this goes without saying that you are NOT one of those guys.

2. Find a common ground

To establish connection, look for something in her profile that interests both of you or at least mention about the thing that made you like her profile. Just pick one if you have a lot of things in common or if you like a lot of things about her profile.

  • The Power of Exaggeration

An exaggeration is not a flat-out lie. Rather, it is a deliberate attempt to make a bigger deal about something than there really is. In the context of writing your first email, it is about expressing more excitement about the things that you and your email-recipient have in common.

Anyone who has used emoticons to express emotions in online communication would definitely agree that in most cases, words and emoticons are simply not enough. Sometimes exaggerations can compensate for the lack of emotion.  Moreover, it makes the recipient feel that you really like them, something which can make them more comfortable to respond to your email.

3. Ask a question

Asking any question is definitely better than asking none. But to maximize the full potential of asking a question in your first email, try to ask something that is related to a common interest or to things that really interests her. You can also try to be bold and ask her out on a date if you can’t think of a better question to ask. Well, timing is everything but between waiting too long and asking too soon, the latter is better.