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Online Dating Safety Tips

Online Dating Safety Tips

It has been widely common to meet and mingle with new people using online dating sites. However, you can never be too sure who among them is being honest with you and who is just faking all the information he or she has given you. It is always best to take safety measures and follow the dating safety tips below before meeting anyone you met online to prevent yourself out of dangerous situations.

Choose a Decent Online Dating Site

One of the most important safety tips is to use a reputable online dating site. Before actually signing up for it, read and explore the privacy policies they offer. Part of its policies should be about protecting the users from any improper use or abuse against them. The site should provide protection to the user’s personal information such as credit card information, and that they should not sell any of the information to other companies. Online dating is now common among people that is why do not be afraid or shy to ask your friends for any online dating site suggestions. There are great chances that they or one of their friends have tried using an online dating site and should have some words of advice.

Take Extra Care

Make sure to keep an anonymous identity when you are just starting out to make your own online dating site profile. Of course you want people to know what you want, your type, your interests and all that, but you do not want to give out too personal information such as your address, your workplace or work information, or personal email information. It is still best to keep private information to yourself to avoid bad situations.

Your gestures and ways of communication may somehow have an effect on your online dating safety.  For a starter, use emails and instant messengers (IM) as means of communication. You can use a screen name that will reflect your personality, same goes with your profile, which does not give out too much personal information. Later when you reach the point of exchanging information with a potential dating partner, try to get the feel if he or she is trustworthy and if it is worth it to meet with him or her in person. But remember that you are not obliged to meet everyone you meet online. Also it is wise to have a separate email account for online dating, and to save your IM conversations in case unfortunate events may turn up later on.

Warning Signs

If a person you just met online a few days ago and is flooding you with emails and IMS, this is not a good indication. Remember that you are not involved with this person. You want to start things slow when you get to know someone, which has the same rules when you meet people through online dating sites.

Meeting For the First Time

If you reached the point of deciding to meet, choose a public location. Do not hesitate to inform your family and friends about your plan. Bringing a friend on your first date is also a clever decision. Meeting in a public place will ensure that someone will see you if by chance things will not go well. Make sure to bring your cell phone and that it is charged.

The only tricky thing about online dating is that you can never trust anyone right away. You always have to take precaution measures until you finally know the person you are dating. This means that you are not supposed to go anywhere with that person where other people cannot see you, or that person should not go home with you. That person may appear appealing and trustworthy on his profile, but you never know what he really is in reality.