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Online Dating Tips: How to Know if Your Lover is Lying

Online Dating Tips: How to Know if Your Lover is Lying

It cannot be denied that there are those people who are able to read other people’s minds by simply looking at their body language. They are able to deduce what other people feel or think even if they say otherwise. However, there are also those who find body language unintelligible that no matter how hard they try to understand the people based on the actions that they do, they just can’t. If you are one of these people and if it worries you that you might be fooled by other people simply because you are weak at reading their body language, then this article is for you.

Truth be told that reading body language can be learned. This skill is especially helpful to detect if another person is lying to you. But what if the person you are trying to “read” is far from you? Say, your lover from across the world with only Skype as your means of communication? Can you still learn how to read their body language?

Well, you might not be literally reading their body language, but what you can do is to try to understand the underlying meaning of the things that they do. While you are chatting, you might notice that your lover is excessively sweating. When a person lies, his or her anxiety level often rises up causing his or her body to heat up. This results to excessive sweating or in some cases, to fluency in speech.

If it is not normal for your lover to exhibit these signs, then you can be certain that there is something wrong with him or her. You will even notice that they will force a smile and then either looks at you for too long or for too short. If you have been chatting with this person for a long while, you will immediately notice if there is anything different about him or her. That should be a sign that something is not right.

Another very obvious sign of lying is self-touching. When a person is anxious or is not comfortable of anything, he or she is most likely to rub his or her nose, cover his or her mouth, touch his or her hair, or do all sorts of things with his or her hand. In short, they will not be comfortable if their hands are not busy. Sometimes they will even pretend to cough or to yawn, so it is important that you pay close attention to each gesture that he or she does.

Like what has been mentioned earlier, when a person lies, his or her ability to talk straight will be affected. They might require more time to answer you when you ask them about anything. Sometimes, they will even ask you to repeat your questions before they will be able to get what you are talking about. This should have happened to you at least once in your childhood — when you were sneaking to steal some candy and your mom caught you. If you can remember, your pitch changed and your speaking speed either became faster or slower.

The eyes are said to be the windows to a person’s soul, well, it is also the built-in lie-detector of the body. When a person lies, the eyes basically reveal these lies when the iris expands or shrinks depending on what the person is saying. The person who frequently looks away is also a probable liar.

However, you should realize that it is important that you try to “real the whole picture” before you give your verdict that the person is indeed lying. If there is not probable reason why that person would lie, it is best that you simply assume that they are not. Anyway, what’s important in a long distance relationship is the cultivation of trust and if you continue to insist that the person is lying, you only give them the impression that you don’t trust them.