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Online Dating Tips

Online Dating Tips

We belong to the generation that definitely knows just how powerful technology can be especially in building and breaking relationships. Distance which used to be a major obstacle in maintaining relationships in the past has been over and gone with thanks to Skype and other internet-based services that have enabled us to reach even those who leave continents away from us. Indeed, the internet has bridged between the gaps that used to cause relationships to break.

The internet has also helped a lot of people to build new relationships. Hundreds of online dating sites have become the melting pot of different people who are looking for someone to love and cuddle. Thousands of marriages have its roots in online dating sites and a thousand more first loves started from a simple chat message.

Nonetheless, because online dating has become very common to us, we also tend to forget the basics about its proper use. Many people abuse the internet by harassing others. One form of abuse is when people lie about themselves just to get other internet users to like them. Another form of abuse is when a person assassinates another person’s character while pretending to be someone else.

Now with all these things mentioned, we should all realize that it is important that we employ some good manners when it comes to using the internet, especially the services offered by the online dating sites. We should always consider the other people who also use the service and in turn, be responsible users ourselves. Here are some tips how:

1. Use Recent Pictures

Many of us may not realize this, but our physical appearance does change along with our age. Now, you may argue that you are not deceiving anybody because you are still using your “own” photo. But mind you, using your photo taken some 5 years ago is also a form of deception. You are not only luring your potential dates that you look that young, you are also exposing yourself to possible hurts when they would find out about the truth.

It is also advantageous to your part because you will no longer have to fit in to the possible expectation of your take because you have already “shown” him/her your current self. So, if you will agree to date you, then most likely it is because they found your picture pretty or they just like your character so much and wouldn’t mind how your picture look.

2. Use Polite Language

Some internet users find harsh language cool but what they don’t know is that a great vast of internet users still find harsh language a major turn off. If you want to succeed in your online dating endeavour, try to use polite language as much as possible. Do call a girl a bitch or a whore; or call a man a doucebag. There is power in the language that you use – for crying out loud, the French language is not called the language of love for no reason!