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The Magic in Online Dating

The Magic in Online Dating If you happen to be single when you reach 25 or above, people around you will definitely start to ask you why. If you are a man, they might even accuse you of being gay or if you are a woman, they will tell you that your standards might be too high. All these unsolicited suggestions and opinions might get into you and push you to date just anyone you find lurking in the corner so as to satisfy them. But you don’t really need to...

Online Dating Advise for Singles Over 50

Online Dating Advise for Singles Over 50 Men and women alike start to feel rather too old to date once they reach 50. Some would think that it is already impossible for them to get a descent date while others are just afraid to be turned down simply because they are “old”. But let me tell you this, dating is not exclusive to the younger ones! In fact, singles over 50 years old still have a high chance of having the time of their lives using online dating...

How to Find a Descent Online Dating Site

How to Find a Descent Online Dating Site Dozens of online dating sites have suddenly sprouted out in the web in past few years. Some have become rather too mainstream while others remain to have a few couple of visitors a week. Some have shifted from being a free dating site into an exclusive-to-members only site which asks for a hefty amount for membership. Now, if you are single and you are planning to look for your future mate using online dating sites, what is the best...

Revealing Your True Self to the Online Community

Revealing Your True Self to the Online Community Lasting relationships are often founded on trust. This is best manifested by how people react whenever they learn that their partner has deceived them or tricked them into believing something that is not true. The same is true with relationships that have its roots in online dating sites. While many people assume that it is rather same to lie about their identities online, in most situations however, this fraud has often resulted into...

Profile Pictures in Online Dating Sites

Profile Pictures in Online Dating Sites There is no doubt that online dating has definitely gone mainstream. What some people used to keep mum about has become the talk in almost every social networking sites. In fact, many of the well-known online dating sites today have become mainstream social networking sites themselves. The idea behind online dating is quite enticing to many singles and even to those who just want to spice up their love or sex life. Just imagine...

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