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Profile Pictures in Online Dating Sites

Profile Pictures in Online Dating Sites

There is no doubt that online dating has definitely gone mainstream. What some people used to keep mum about has become the talk in almost every social networking sites. In fact, many of the well-known online dating sites today have become mainstream social networking sites themselves.

The idea behind online dating is quite enticing to many singles and even to those who just want to spice up their love or sex life. Just imagine entering into a bar where every person you’ll meet is also interested in meeting up anybody. It creates a pretty condusive environment for anyone who is up to something new.

Unfortunately, the one thing that most online dating sites users fail to realize is that not everything that’s online is real. For example, a lot of users are tricked by the alluring faces depicted in the 2D images that sort of represent the person behind an online profile. However, what they don’t see is that these images can be the worst representation that they can get of the person who they expect to meet.

It’s not that online dating sites users intend to deceive other people by using someone else’s photo. What is being pointed out here is that these users are more likely to use their best photos — photos where they look gorgeous and attractive. What many of us don’t realize is that “a person is only as attractive as his/her worst photo”.

I’m not saying that online dating sites users should use their ugliest photos to grace their profiles. All that I am saying is that it would be wise if we do not expect too much from the person who we have never met. It is always safer if you pick someone not because of their looks (although this should also be factored in) but also because of the personality that they describe in their profiles.

Your online dating success can also be improved if you do not only upload ridiculously attractive photos of yourself. It might help if you will also upload a variation of pictures, especially those which also show how you look when you are not wearing your make-up or your best clothes.

It will also do you good if you will not put up PhotoShopped pictures. As much as we can always try to look our best, editing our pictures is definitely going over the board – it is a form of deception. If your intention is to really find your match, you might as well start right and what can be the best way to do it? Start by being honest about your looks. Trust me, once you find someone who can accept you for how you really look, you will be really happy.

As a final piece of advice, use profile pictures as a mere guideline when you are shopping for a date from a wide array of choices. Do not use it as the one and only measuring stick because doing so will surely disappoint you.