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Successful First Date Tips

Successful First Date Tips

You met this fantastic girl online and she agrees to see you in person. Now, you are wondering what you can do to make sure that she will have a great time talking to you. Here are some tips:

1. Use your body language to show that you are sure of yourself.

It is normal for you to be on your toes during a first date. However, you need to keep your cool and show your date that you are confident. The best way to do this is to not use big words. Most of the time, our confidence is not shown by the words we say but rather, on how we say these words. You need to have a confident body language in order to show your date that you are actually having a good time.

The first thing that you need to practice is your eye contact. Look straight to your date when you are talking to them. Avoid tapping your fingers on the table or shaking your foot. Do not show any giveaways that will give your date the idea that you are already very nervous. Most women are attracted to men who are confident. But be sure to distinguish between being plain confident and being overly confident of yourself. The latter is always a turn-off to many women.

But it is also a good thing if you just admit to your date that you are nervous, especially if you really can’t control your body language anymore. This might help you to relax and to feel less anxious about being nervous in front of a girl. Your date might actually find this cute and like you because of your honesty.

2. Don’t talk about yourself too much.

People, in general, want others to be interested of their lives. Don’t talk about yourself too much. Allow your date to open up and share her thoughts to you. Do not monopolize the conversation. It would be great if you will find a way to get on with the conversation without becoming a chatterbox. If your date is not yet opening up, you can ask her simple questions: Do you have a pet? Have you been to this place? What’s your favorite dish? Simple questions like the ones given might be good conversation starters. Be sure to follow their answers so that you will not give them the impression that you are not really interested.

3. Be straight to the point and smart.

When your date asks you something, do your best to give concise answers. For example, if your date asked you about your work and you are currently jobless, you can just say that you are looking for one while you do some stuffs. You don’t have to talk about your cranky former boss and how he managed to fire you without just reason. Do not risk the possibility of your date being turned off because of your big mouth.

4. Don’t be a drag.

As much as possible, you have to keep your date short or else you might run out of things to talk about. It is also a good idea to save the other things for a second or third date.