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Top 10 Reasons Why You are Single

Top 10 Reasons Why You are Single

1. You are too impatient.

Stop believing in love at first sight. Don’t give up on someone just because your first few smiles and winks didn’t work. Cupid rarely helps people find true love, really. You have to be persistent, work your ass or you will be single forever. It does not even matter if you are a male or female; both sexes should learn the art of patience. Women should not let all the men do the dirty work. It doesn’t mean that when a man is not able to do what you expect them to do then he is automatically unfit. Be patient, true love comes to those who wait.

2. You are too negative.

Remember that one time when something went wrong and it was so easy for you to point fingers and accuse your partner that they are to blame? Then you start focusong on the bad side of everything; you refuse to stop looking at the positive side. For example, when you and your date decides to order a slice of cake, instead of savoring the plate, you start grumbling about the calories the cake contains — on how it will make you fat or something. That’s being too negative dude! Too few peoplec can stand you, so ease up a little.

It will not even matter if you are a good person or not. Your charisma will not be able to help you either. You may get the person to like you for a while, but after hanging out with you, they will just realize how difficult it is to live with all your negativities. Try to be possitive a little, a see how much this can change your relationship or your future relationships.

3. Your ex, yes it is.

Too much blabber about your ex is a major turn off. Really, you can’t live in the past if you want to exist in the present. You have to move on and let go. If ever you get to urge to talk about your ex, think of other things to talk about. This will also help you a lot. You see, there can be no other better cure to a broken heart than moving on. Besides, if you keep on talking about your ex, your date will assume that you are more interested to be with your ex than with them. Your choice really.

4. You are too intimidating.

If you want love to come your way, stop intimidating it! Do not walk this earth as if you are better than the rest. While some may find confidence attractive, being intimidating is a different thing. When you are confident, people see that you are sure of yourself and that is good. But you start being intimidating when they will begin to feel threatened by your presence; when they refuse to express themselves out of fear that you will laugh at them or belittle them.

If your personality is intimidating by nature, you can improve it a bit by conciously taking the effort to tone done your language and your gestures. Avoid doing stuff which people have already pointed out to be intimidating. Well, you can continue being your intimidating self, but don’t expect to find love anytime soon.

5. You are too busy.

You are not alone, every body in this world is busy. BUt this does not mean that you can’t make time for your relationship. You can actually spend quality time with your partner without compromising your work and your other day to day activities, it’s a matter of prioritization and time management.

If you keep on missing dates,you will give your partner the impression that you don’t value them enough and this can turn into sour arguments. Only time can tell when your relationship will last and when it does ends, you will find it too difficult to find a new one given that you are a “very busy” person.