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Top Four Lies You’ll Hear from Online Daters

Top Four Lies You’ll Hear from Online Daters

It is interesting how online daters from around the world share the same lies to market themselves in the online dating scene. In a study conducted by OKCupid, it was revealed that there are four things that online daters usually lie about:

1. Height

American men tend to add two inches more to their actual height. For some reason, most men think that women find taller men more attractive so they pose themselves as someone taller than they actually are. On the other hand, women mostly lie about their body-type and weight. Well, this is probably because women also think that men would prefer to date skinnier females.

But do men have a good basis for lying about their height? Well, according to OKCupid, there certainly is a good relationship between a man’s height and his success in convincing women to have sex with them. This is also reflected in how men choose their dates. According to the data obtained by OKCupid, shorter women also get more invitations and messages than taller ones. This is probably because men prefer to date someone who is generally shorter than they are.

2. Income

This is a no-brainer. We live in a world where everything is mostly run by money. Men and women base their confidence on the amount of money they earn (although not all of us). About 20% of all online daters lie about their income. Most would say that they earn more than they actually do. While some women also lie about how much they earn, it is the male special that is most guilty taking lie lightly. Men want to feel that they are superior and revealing that they earn less than their dates would make them less manly.


3. Pictures

It is interesting to know that about one-third of the most attractive photos used by online daters are about a year old. People tend to hold on who snapshots which “captured” their “beautiful faces” even when these pictures were already old and no longer depict how they look like at present.

Some even use photos which are taken over three years ago. OKCupid revealed that most men use photos depending on their age. For example, a 50-year old man is most inclined to use a photo that is almost two years old while a 20-year old will use a photo taken almost a year ago.

4. Sexuality

Maybe because they think it’s cool or maybe because it is the trend, many female online daters actually introduce themselves as bisexuals. However, data show that only 1 out of 4 self-identified bisexuals actually engage in bisexual relationships. 80% of these women still date just one gender and not both.

Surely, there are so many other things that online daters lie about. They can lie about their age, their profession, their family background and even make up a story about who they are. It is really up to you to find out for yourself who is truthful and who the liar is.