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Top Rated Aussie Dating Sites – AdultMatchMaker.Com

Top Rated Aussie Dating Sites – AdultMatchMaker.Com

Managed and operated by Giga Pty Ltd, AdultMatchMaker.Com has become today’s biggest Australian-based online dating site. Full registration is required before users are given access to all the contents and features of the site. True to its name, minors are restricted from using the services offered by AdultMatchMaker.Com; users have to attest that they are 18 or above to complete their registration.

Minors are also advised to not fabricate information and pretend to be adults because of some of the explicit contents available in the site. Most of the materials found in AdultMatchMaker.Com are strictly for adults. However, despite strong administrative efforts, the site still remains to be one of the most often-accessed “forbidden” sites by Aussie minors.

Because of the possibility of it being used to circulate pornography and invite children to join “adult-only” sexual activities, parents are encouraged to block their children’s access to AdultMatchMaker.Com; the site waives any legal or moral responsibilities to children “consciously” choosing to violate the site’s adult-only policy.

AdultMatchMaker.Com is 1.5 Million Strong

With such a big number of users all over Australia, one can definitely assume that there should be someone in AdultMatchMaker.Com to suit their preference. To date, this website has gained the reputation of being the best and the most efficient dating website in Australia, as well as a search tool for people who can offer personal sex services.

In order to make the “search” easier, AdultMatchmaker.Com has categorized the users into different sexual preference. Thus, one can actually search for people based on their gender or sexual interests. Using the different match-making automated program of the site, users would easily find their would-be partner in fraction of a second.

Users can use the Lesbian Match Maker, the Gay Match Maker or the more conventional Aussie Match Maker. Moreover, this adult match making site is also affiliated to The Love Club, a popular website in Australia that offers users free chat rooms for people who look for sex and love.

Site Security Measures

Taking into consideration the liberal nature of the site, the site admin has imposed specific restriction on the materials which can be uploaded and posted by users. Amongst the materials which are automatically considered as junks are: commercial advertisements (contest, networking business, direct selling, barter and the like), materials with copyright, illegal procedures (creating viruses, hacking accounts, distribution of drugs and guns, etc.).

As much as possible, the site admin does everything so as to make sure that the users are not falsifying information. For obvious reasons, it would be illegal for users to use someone else’s identity and/or alter any information about them (age, gender, etc.). The site encourages openness, to this effect, gays need not to pretend they are females because they will still be able to find mates by being themselves if they make use of the site’s Gay Match Maker service anyway.