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Where to Find Aussie Dates

Where to Find Aussie Dates

Dating sites have been sprouting out the internet like mushrooms nowadays. There are already hundreds or thousands of dating sites of which you can choose from, a few hundreds more will probably spring up in the next couple of months. But one this is for sure — not all of these sites are worth your time.

Some might have been there just to scam and fool people to spend their money on nothing. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many Australian members in most of these dating sites. So if you are particularly interested to date an Aussie, you might have to look for them in a dating site that is intended for Australian users.

Many of these sites offer “matchmaking” services too — some for a price and some, for free. If you are lucky, you can be matched to an ‘Aussie’ but even if this does happens, there is still a good chance that you are just paired to someone who is pretending to be one (remember that any person from around the world can make a profile in these general dating sites and nobody will check if they are being truthful in the nationality they will write in their profile).

If you really intend to date someone within your area, you should try an online dating site that has a huge membership of local Australians. There is a slim chance of you getting fooled in these sites because most members prefer to meet in person after their first contact. You can try RSVP or Adult Matchmaker (if you are in for some adult fun) if you are new to online dating because they offer an excellent support system for newbies.

Once you have created your profile, you will see that these two sites are indeed quite popular in Australia. In fact, you might even get date requests on a daily basis, considering that most of their members belong to the same area or community. Just like how the real world works, you will also meet all sorts of people in these online dating sites.

Be prepared to meet metrosexuals, homosexuals and cougars in these sites. Some of these people are in some long-term relationship but some are also there for nothing else but sex. Be sure that you know what you are entering to every time you establish contact with a specific member.

The most active Aussie users usually come from the major cities in Australia. Users from Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney are known to be the most interactive of all the users who frequently go online. But you can also find interesting users from smaller cities like Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia, Victoria and South Australia.

All of these online dating sites have chat rooms where you can chat live with fellow users. Active users usually hang out in the chat room to meet new people who they might find interesting. Australian dating sites also host big events and invite members to join such.

They would host a speed-dating event, inter-city get-together and singles’ night out party to facilitate the meeting of their members. Some paid dating sites also offer special services to those who pay for an upgrade of their profile accounts.

Other dating sites that are very popular amongst Aussies are Be2 and Lavalife. These two are international sites but they have a very active membership in many cities in Australia so they are differently worth a try. You can also try Fast Cupid and Oasis Active.

 Now that you know all about these things, it’s time for you to have that profile account ready because you are surely bound to get lots of fun!