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Words that Will Make or Break You Online

Words that Will Make or Break You Online

It may not come as a surprise to an average internet user who pay close attention to his or her reactions to the people they meet online. But to someone who do not really give enough thought to it, being told that the words they use online can affect the response rate that they get might make them ask why. While this article does not seek to explain the rationale behind this simple truth, it aims to remind online dating site users to pay attention to the manner that they write their message for their prospective dates.

According to the researches made by some experts who work for big online dating sites, people who use their sites often has less tolerance to those who do not spell out word properly or those who use internet-slang. Surprisingly, although most internet users are so used to reading words which are intentionally misspelled or grammar which is intentionally made to appear as improperly constructed, when it comes to private messages sent by strangers, language easily becomes a big deal.

The studies further narrate that women are especially picky when it comes to the choice of words men used in their first message. Many women have better responses to words like “beautiful” and “wonderful” than to the words “hot” and “sexy”. ┬áIt is also interesting to note that the word that gets the best response rate is “awesome”. According to the experts, one of the best reason why this word got the most respect is because it does not automatically connotes to physical appearance and the like. Awesome makes a woman feels appreciated from the very core rather than being lustfully assessed by a man through words like “hot” and “sexy”.

Safest Mode of Writing

Basing on the aforementioned facts, the safest mode of writing men can use is to sound chivalrous. That is, to be quite polite about almost anything. Although some people get annoyed by those who repeatedly say “I’m sorry” or “I apologize”, basing on online dating site message responses’ rate, women are more likely to respond to a guy apologizing about his boldness to send a private message to the girl.

In Describing the Profile Photo

A common mistake committed by men when describing a profile photo is the immediate attempt to talk about the person in the photo. While some women might find this interest appealing, many men do not do it properly that instead of making the woman like them, they scare them away. One good example is when a man make commentaries about how big a woman’s boobies or how nice her ass is.

It is always better to mention something else worth noticing in the profile picture. For example, if the woman is seen with a baseball bat, the man might ask something about baseball: “…I noticed that you are holding a bat, do you play baseball too? I used to be the pitcher of our team way back in college.” Such words can definitely catch the attention of the girl, most especially if she does play baseball. Or she might just tell you that she borrowed the bat from elsewhere and that’s when you can start a very good conversation with her.

However, have you written “…I noticed that you are holding a bat in your profile picture. My boner can be as hard as a bat, want to try?” You will definitely get a very negative response, worse, that person might even just block or report you. Your choice of words reveal your character and if you are not careful, you might just drive away your potential life partner.

If you “feel” that you need to improve in the manner that you write or speak, you can ask a friend to help you out. If you trust your friend enough, you can ask him/her to review your messages before sending.